Marginalia, dicta and miscellany

Taking a break from J.A.I.L., here’s a few recent items of interest:

  • As Rick over at The Agony Column broadens his review subjects, he looks at Karen Armstrong’s latest (which has been added to my “wish list”).
  • Barnes & Noble has launched an online site to sell your used books, although it appears to be directed more toward textbooks. (Via The Millions).
  • Did Justice Scalia prejudge the Hamdan case argued Tuesday? Audio of the argument is available here and the Surpeme Court has posted a written transcript (PDF file).
  • Straight Talk looks at the potential political fallout in a post-HB1215 (abortion ban) world.
  • All I can say is cool picture! (And it may become my new computer desktop). (Via Beyond the Beyond).
  • With USHL and NCAA hockey playoffs in full swing, Chris from the Western College Hockey blog posts an interesting piece on NCAA tourney ticket prices at another of his blogs. And a sportswriter in Kearney, Neb., raises the question: who will be better at picking the USHL playoff winners, him or his dog? (Loyalty requires me to point out they both erred on who will win the Stampede/Tri-City series that starts tonight).

Every day is a great day for hockey.

Mario Lemeiux

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