Marginalia for May 9

  • Pyr, the relatively new and top-notch SF imprint of Prometheus Books, has launched its own blog called Pyr-o-mania.
  • Joe Haldeman’s Camouflage woon the Nebula Award for best novel. And while I don’t usually follow this award, Serenity won for best script.
  • Erica Wagner has a nice concise piece in Sunday’s UK Times on the purpose of book reviews.
  • The excellent Escape Pod is going to provide podcasts of four of the five nominees for the 2006 Hugo Award for best short story. (Via boingboing).
  • Google has launched a blog devoted to its Book Search. (Via The Millions).
  • While I have Amazon links on this blog, I still feel compelled to note that the impact of internet and discount book stores on independent booksellers is also seen in the UK. (Via Grumpy Old Bookman).
  • And, on a related (?) note, Bowker, which publishes Books In Print, announced that U.S. book production dropped 18 percent last year. It was the first decline since 1999 and only the 10th in the last 50 years. The bestseller lists might suggest this is a good thing but, sadly, it probably isn’t books like those that get the axe.

  • And every one of them words rang true
    And glowed like burnin’ coal
    Pourin’ off of every page
    Like it was written in my soul from me to you

    “Tangled Up in Blue,” Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks

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