Accumulated marginalia

  • Two former Stampede teammates — Buffalo’s Thomas Vanek and Carolina’s Chad LaRose — will face each other in the Stanley Cup Eastern Conference finals. They are the first two Stampede alum to play in the NHL. Game 1 in the series is Saturday afternoon on NBC.
  • How not to treat your guest of honor.
  • The biggest problem with Scott McLemee’s excellent column is that it could be applied to so many more locations. (Via the wonderful podcast Moby Lives).
  • An interesting Slate piece argues that our sentiment for independent bookstores is little more than an affectation. (Via The Olive Reader).
  • The blog for the University of Nebraska Press ponders why modern SciFi is absorbed more through other media than books. (Via SF Signal).
  • A German foundation plans to create a library of books burned by the Nazis. (Via The Literary Saloon).
  • Access the Great Books is a website that compiles a list of 240 great authors and their works,” including links to online texts, summaries and/or links to more information on each author. The list comes from a program of the Great Books Foundation.
  • The history of the yellow legal pad. (Via

  • I had always imagined Paradise as a kind of library.

    “Blindness,” Jorge Luis Borges, Seven Nights

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