Book Review: Everyman (2006)

As I was reading Philip Roth’s Everyman, the person sitting next to me noticed the plain black cover and said, “That looks depressing.” I think it is more accurate to call it an existential meditation on death. But don’t let even that somber description put you off. Mind you, the book isn’t a blithe beach […]

J.A.I.L’s Lies – Part 5

As promised, this is the first of several installments in this series based upon a brochure promoters of the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.) are distributing at their “town hall meeting/debate” sessions. Today’s is the first of two on local officials.

Part of the concern about J.A.I.L. is that it applies to more than the […]

J.A.I.L. intermezzo

An intermezzo is an interlude between two major musical pieces. It seems an appropriate title for this post after attending the “town hall meeting” on the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.) in Brandon Saturday afternoon. Instead of giving a full report on it, this post will just give an overview and an indication of what […]

Book Review: Terror Nation (2006)

Everyone at some time must respond to their conscience. When Charlie Johnson’s inner voice leads him in new directions in Mike Palecek’s Terror Nation, Charlie finds himself truly a prisoner of conscience in middle America.

Charlie is retired after spending 35 years as a sportswriter and sports editor in Saint Smith, Iowa. He is a […]

Bill Stegmeier’s BS

Bill Stegmeier’s initials are an entirely appropriate description of much of what he said on public television this evening. What I’m not quite sure of is whether he is flat out lying or simply doesn’t understand what “his” Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.) actually says and does. Let’s take a look at just a few […]

J.A.I.L. Lies – Part 4

Since I’m sure this series will have plenty to explore after tonight’s broadcast on public television and Saturday’s meeting in Brandon, I thought I’d better post an installment that’s been sitting in draft form for a couple weeks.

One of the always popular lies from the supporters of the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.) popped […]