Extended marginalia

I am just now starting to see the light of day from the material that accumulated while I was gone (although I have cracked only one of the six books that arrived in my absence). Most of my family is off in different directions this weekend, giving me a sparse and quiet house for the weekend as a Father’s Day “gift.” Before I take refuge, I figured I would post a few things that drew my attention.

  • Roughly two months ago, I mentioned PEN World Voices, a New York festival of international literature. Next week, Bill Moyers kicks off the first of a seven-part series called Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason. It is based on interviews with a variety of authors, many of whom participated in PEN World Voices. Among those discussing faith, spirituality, and religion with Moyers are Martin Amis, Margaret Atwood and Salman Rushdie.
  • Who’d a thunk it? A study on kids and reading finds, among other things, that “children of high frequency readers are far more likely to read for fun every day than children whose parents are not high frequency readers.”
  • Google has launched a new handy search site for finding government information. It not only lets you search across an index of federal, state and local government websites, you can also arrange for personalized content feeds from government agencies and press outlets.
  • And while it’s not associated with Google, Simply Google is a one-stop shop to run searches via almost all of Google’s various indices.
  • The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia hit bookshelves this week.
  • Critical Mass, the blog of the National Book Critics Circle board of directors, recently noted John Updike’s six rules for reviewing.
  • An blogger explains why science fiction is like diabetes.
  • Will this replace or supplement magazines in the bathroom?

If you want somebody you can trust, trust yourself.

“Trust Yourself,” Bob Dylan, Empire Burlesque

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