• Library smut. I admit it. It made me drool. (Via The Olive Reader.)
  • Rebecca’s Pocket points us to How to Read and The Reader’s Bill of Rights.
  • Readers of SF Signal come up with a list of The Top 26 SF Books You’ve Never Read. They hit it on the mark me with as I haven’t read any of them. Look out TBR stack.
  • As SF Signal notes, it leans heavily to the fantasy side but it’s still worth checking out Speculative Fiction for Beginners. The comments also offer some wonderful suggestions, including The Sparrow, the source of the closing quote.
  • AlterNet uses a Berkeley bookstore to explore why booksellers are going belly up. (Via So Many Books, where Stefanie, like me, is doing her part.)
  • The Quill Awards are back.
  • The Penguin Blog is going to follow the publication process of the paperback edition of a hardcover.

  • The trouble with illusions is that you aren’t aware you have any until they are taken away from you.

    Mary Doria Russell, The Sparrow

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