Upcoming from the Campaign for Healthy Families:

WHAT: Rally and Press ConferenceWHO: Jan Nicolay, Campaign for Healthy Families Co-Chair Kate Looby, state director for Planned Parenthood Rep. Casey Murschel South Dakotans who believe Referred Law 6 simply goes too far

WHEN: Wednesday November 1, 2006, Noon CST

WHERE: Old Federal Courthouse Square Phillips Avenue between […]

Awaiting that campaign finance report

With today being the deadline for pre-election campaign finance reports, it will be interesting to see if and when the state gets a report from “South Dakotan’s (sic) for Amendment E.”

As I’ve pointed out before, state law requires any “ballot question committee” to file campaign finance reports. That term is defined as “any two […]

E as in rhymes with hypocrisy

PP stays up later than I do so he picked up on South Dakota Bill Stegmeier’s lawsuit against the No on E Committee. PP makes several good points but in looking at the pleadings, something jumped out at me.

You may recall that the Amendment E people have taken to holding up a ruling […]

“Amendment E based on a lie”

The Rapid City Journal certainly pulled no punches with its editorial today urging a “No” vote on Amendment E. And the Journal nailed the J.A.I.L.ers in an area they’ve been skating around since the measure made it to the ballot.

The editorial says:

Supporters of the judicial accountability law say judges in South Dakota need […]

You can’t spell fringe without E

Work travel kept me from commenting on today’s column by Dave Kranz until now. All in all it was accurate but let me note that you read it here first. I also would point out that South Dakota Bill Stegmeier and his friend who sees taxes and secular schools as part of some Communist […]