Weekend marginalia

  • What with the local daily’s changing its format to focus on pictures people take of their kids and pets, this is even more true for me these days. (Via Straight Talk.) As an aside, when I checked its web page Saturday morning, you would not know four Sioux Falls high school volleyball teams (3 of them ranked in the top 5 in the state) played in the Black Hills Friday night or that the Stampede had played that same night. They didn’t even have scores on the web site.
  • On a somewhat related topic, I heartily endorse one of Bill Maher’s recent new rules that applies equally to the print and broadcast media: “Stop telling me to go to your website for ‘more on the story.’ We’re both here now. Why don’t you tell me the whole story?”
  • On a political note. although it is an issue on which I have mixed feelings, I find this list of video lottery owners rather fascinating. (Via Doug at Dakota Today.)
  • CChen comes out of the closet on the literary ghetto she shares with people like me and reveals the same obsession I have. Thus, she has been added to the blogroll.
  • I had not heard of Project Orion so thanks to boingboing.

  • Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.

    Jerry Garcia, Rolling Stone (Nov. 30, 1989)

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