State political notes

Soon it will be over. Until then, another round-up of South Dakota political notes.

  • Coat Hangers at Dawn and South Dakota Progressive are doing an excellent job following the Roger Hunt/”Promising Future, Inc.” flap. I haven’t taken the time to look at the legalities of it all but it certainly seems to smell funny.
  • Along those same lines, given the additional complaints we’re seeing about campaign finance and the inadequacy of campaign finance reports, perhaps that is something the Legislature needs to examine next session.
  • Coat Hangers at Dawn also points us to a “must watch” short film about the lack of exceptions in the abortion ban. Not only is it must watch, it is powerful.
  • Mount Blogmore has an interesting post on a church that is no longer a polling place because of a dispute over signage. It is especially pertinent for me. Part of the reason I am planning to vote on Election Day instead of before is my polling place is a fundamentalist church that had no problem posting a politically oriented sign on its front door during the June 2004 election.
  • Since readers may be tiring of “All E All the Time,” I’ll just provide links to some of my recent posts over at the No on E blog that I didn’t put up here:
    The NY Times: E wacky and reckless
    Rallying the troops by attacking SD voters
    Branson still helping out

I never vote for anyone. I always vote against.

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