“Now That It’s Over”

Okay, maybe it’s not really over but the polls are open, the voters are casting their ballots and the campaigns are in their last gasp.

I moved my blog away from politics because of the level of political discourse in this country. I have to say, though, that jousting with South Dakota JAILer-in-chief Bill Stegmeier, Bonnie “Shriek” Russell, Jake Hanes and the JAILer in Worthing who was capable of only leaving insults as comments but lacked the nerve to sign his or her name not only reinforced that belief, they showed me new lows could be reached.

Confronting opponents on their statements, tactics, misrepresentations, outright lies and dissembling is part and parcel of political discourse. That, however, is far from the approach of the lunatic fringe behind Amendment E. Their level of intellect is such that they must call opponents such things as ass, dipshit, dick, “boy,” and bastard, to name just a few. Personal attacks don’t bother me in and of themselves. As I’ve said before, I’ve been called worse by better. Still, I can’t figure out how literally cursing and damning the other side educates voters or advances a cause. It must be the resort of those who lack any modicum of reason and are incapable of engaging in honest debate.

But “Shriek” took it to extremes to which even the dirtiest campaigns don’t stoop. One of the comments she left on my blog (you know, the one she claimed to never read) attacked one of my daughters, even though the post had nothing to do with JAIL. Yet insulting and attacking a young woman who has nothing to do with my blogging or opposition to JAIL wasn’t enough for “Shriek.”

In one of her always just barely literate blathers this past weekend, she suggested state judge Lee Anderson committed suicide because he had “second thoughts” about having donated to the No on E Committee. Evidently “Shriek” is oblivious to or could care less about the seriousness of depression, the effect it had on Anderson and his family, or that Anderson’s wife has been courageous enough to speak publicly about it in the hopes of helping others. No, to “Shriek” a man’s death at his own hand as a result of a debilitating and disabling disease is just one more opportunity to spew hatred that serves no political or logical purpose. It is stunningly repulsive and abhorrent.

Although I doubt it will ever really be over with these wingnuts, the election soon will be. I’m hoping that, except for any final comment or wrap-up post, my blogging on JAIL is over. I know any political discourse with and about these miscreants is over. Therefore, please forgive me while I allow myself to stoop to JAIL’s standard of discourse for a moment to close this chapter. I think Everclear‘s “Now That It’s Over” concisely expresses my thoughts about these reprobates in the vernacular they seem to love so much:

I wish that I could find the words to tell
You to politely go fuck yourself.

I’m posting this the morning of Election Day to make it clear that this admittedly hypocritical deviation from my own criticism of political discourse is not dependent upon or reflective of the election results. Now please excuse me, I have far more important things to do. There’s work, making final arrangements to host a high school volleyball dinner and attending tonight’s district volleyball championship. First, though, I need to at least try to wash off the stench of Stegmeier and “Shriek.”

Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your teeth,
You’re an idiot, babe.
It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe.

“Idiot Wind,” Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks

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