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  • Chad at CCK points us to a study purportedly showing that the more psychotic a voter is, the more likely they were to vote for Bush.
  • I missed this NPR story on “reading the law” when it aired. I recall watching Archie Bangs of Rapid City in the courtroom when I was a reporter. He was purported to be the last South Dakota lawyer to have been admitted by “reading the law” and he was a top-notch lawyer. Although I have only my own 20 years of law practice to base it on, I think an apprentice approach is too dangerous today because I don’t know that the quality of lawyers has grown commensurately with the number.
  • Another NPR story I missed was one marking the fifth anniversary of the death of George Harrison on Wednesday. I wasn’t the only one to overlook it. A news search reveals virtually no traditional media took note of the anniversary, other than “today in history” items. From my perspective that’s shameful. Harrison’s death brought tears to my eyes and I wore a black t-shirt with the cover photo from Hey Jude on it to our office Christmas party that year in honor of him. Harrison was really the only one you could see on the shirt on under a sport coat. Just listening to the NPR story online saddened me.
  • Nathalie Rothschild at Spiked is one of the few to have openly acknowledged that just because actor Michael Richards went on a n-word tirade doesn’t mean you can’t still love Cosmo Kramer.
  • Nature reports that a geared mechanical device called the Antikythera Mechanism that spent 2,000 years at is technically more complex than any known device for at least a millennium after it was built. Belived to have been built in Greece near the end of the second century BC, the device computed and displayed the movement of the Sun, the Moon and possibly the planets around Earth, and predicted the dates of future eclipses.

All things must pass
All things must pass away

Title Track, George Harrison, All Things Must Pass

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