Marginalia and dicta

I think that, by definition, this takes you beyond being a jackass. (Via Boing Boing, whose headline is a classic.) Wired magazine gives us its top 20 SF films. While I think it admirable they apply set standards, the fact Gatacca can beat out The Matrix, 2001: A Space Odyssey and A Clockwork Orange shows […]

The Atheist Manifestos I: Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris

Is atheism “in”? Multi-page expositions in national news weeklies and two books advocating an atheist viewpoint on the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list for a month. If atheism is in, it is thanks in no small part to Sam Harris, the author of one of those bestselling books, Letter to a Christian Nation.

If […]

Book Review: Air America: The Playbook (2006)

It seems somehow sadly fitting that Air America: The Playbook hit the bookshelves less than four weeks before Air America Radio filed for bankruptcy. Just as the radio network’s financial problems seem to display some degree of a lack of planning and execution, the playbook also suffers a lack of focus and goals. In that […]

One more election post

I was thinking of doing a brief roundup on South Dakota blog election coverage but came across a post that beats them all. Go read Scott Hudson’s post-election wrap-up, where his “Get Out of Town” stylings nails the “boneheads” of election day.

It always rains like hell on the loser’s day parade.

“Broadway,” Goo […]

My two cents on the JAIL vote

My initial reaction to the election results? KELO might want to think about evaluating what polling firm it uses. (For what it’s worth, a quick review shows its also missed on the outcome of both the “gay marriage amendment” and the property tax initiative, with the error on the latter being almost as large as […]