Looking back on books in 2006

I usually wait until December 31 to put this up but figured since I’ve already chimed in for Blogcritics and am working on my NBCC vote, I’d put up my summary of this year’s books now. This year is tougher than last for selecting the “best book.” While it’s not meant as a slam on […]

A heathen’s Christmas greeting

Although I call it my traditional one, my Christmas greeting is not traditional in the standard sense of the word. But you gotta realize this is coming from someone whose kids remember John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” as being the Christmas song they heard most often at home while growing up. I call […]

It’s Festivus!

For those who remain oblivious to the importance of Seinfeld in pop culture, today is one of the greatest of all holidays: Festivus.

Frank Costanza, tired and concerned by what Christmas had become, realized “there had to be another way.” Thus, he created “a Festivus for the rest of us!” This video gives you the […]

More marginalia

With the weekend and holiday approaching and putting things on the agenda, time for another installment of marginalia, with this one all over the board. More substantive posts, including a couple book reviews, will be forthcoming between now and yearend.

It appears Rapid City might get a hockey team in the next year and a […]


Today is/was the Carl Sagan blog-a-thon. My participation on the designated date will be limited to this as I am in the midst of The Varieties of Scientific Experience. It is a version of his 1985 presentations on “The Search for Who We Are” at the Gifford Lectures on Natural Theology edited by his […]