Weekend marginalia

What began as a relatively brief midweek collection of items that caught my attention morphed into a much longer list as the week progressed.

A hat tip to Scott Esposito at Conversational Reading for one of the most innovative books of the year lists. Jenny Davidson at Light Reading also gets a nod for starting […]

Tim Johnson and the media

My senior U.S. Senator is taken to a hospital from the Capitol building. He remains there in critical condition following late night surgery for a congenital problem late night surgery for a congenital condition that caused bleeding in his brain. What does it mean? An opportunity for the media vultures to feast.

The news of […]

A rational approach to school book challenges

Kudos to the Sioux Falls School District for the way it is handling a recent request that the book Give a Boy a Gun be removed from a middle school library. The book, published in 2000, tells the story of two high school sophomores who are tired of being bullied, bring an arsenal of weapons […]

A reading rut

It doesn’t happen all that often but I’m deep in one now. It’s the kind of rut where I just don’t get things read.

Observant visitors will notice that the same two books have been listed as “Now Reading” in the sidebar for quite a while now. Trust me. There is nothing wrong with either […]

Search term follies – Part 2

Here’s the second installment of search term follies. The “winners” this time around:

GOOGLE SEARCH: can you make your husband carry a fetus in his womb

Since the womb is the uterus and men do not have them, I believe the answer is no. If men did have wombs, though, I believe there would be […]