Congrats to Bud Parr at Chekhov’s Mistress for his undoubtedly well-deserved Google ranking. All of us who belong to MetaxuCafe are proud of you. And let’s not forget my friend MinusCar also has a nice #1 Google ranking himself. Leighanna at the University of Nebraska Press blog has a nice post on why science […]

Electric car follow-up

In response to my comment on the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car?, a reader brought to my attention something I never knew (although I admit being mechanically and automotively challenged). In addition to venting about the death of the electric car, he suggests also venting about big auto and the government not supporting diesel […]

Book Briefs 3

It seems like it’s always this time of year where I find myself compelled to do somewhat condensed book reviews rather than full ones. It may have something to do with the fact that I’m not obligated to anyone to do a full review of the particular book or it could just be I don’t […]


As regular readers will know, I usually only mention the Argus Leader when it’s done something to irritate me. It’s time for a hat tip, though. Its editorial blog, Voices, does a great job responding to the idiots who won’t leave the death of Judge Lee Anderson alone. SD Moderate caught something that escaped […]

SD blogosphere changes

What with family activities, work and getting the new site ready to go, many of the normal things I’ve been neglectful of deal with recent changes in the SD blogosphere, most involving Todd Epp. The latter two have been duly noted in the blogroll at right:

Todd has decided to give more legal focus to […]