Midweek marginalia

I’m not sure if it’s because Monday’s post mentioned “depressing” or if the spambots finally caught up with the review of the Lee Morgan biography that refers to his drug addiction. In either event, the comments here have been flooded with pharmaceutical spam. I would wager that over the last day or so I’ve deleted more than 300 spam comments mentioning dealing largely with prescription narcotics and a diet drug. Here’s some linkage that doesn’t require drug usage.

  • Critical Mass, the blog written by the directors of the National Book Critics Circle, has starting its plan to dedicate each of the next 30 business days to one of the 30 NBCC Award finalists.
  • The Crooked Timber blog posts a conversation between its Henry Farrell and unique SF/F author China Mieville about Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, one of the finalists for the NBCC award for fiction.
  • While many of us are familiar with the governments named in George Orwell’s 1984, someone was dedicated enough to come up with a map of the world as it would look in that novel. (Via Remaindered Links.)
  • Tangentially related to my Frank Zappa post, not only did Guitar World come up with a list of what it considers the 100 Greatest Guitar Solos, the CityRag blog located video for the top 20. (FWIW, a Zappa solo came in at No. 60.) (Via Boing Boing.)
  • From best to worst: just in case you were wondering, The Lede tells us a British scientist has determined what is the worst sound in the world. (And, yes, there’s an audio link if you want it.)

Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.

Frank Zappa

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