Search term follies – Part 4

Google keeps sending the penis searches this way but I gotta say the first one in this month’s list is my favorite so far. In addition, people searching the clue to an online crossword puzzle celebrating Black History Month have lifted this site to a #2 Google rank for the second search listed below and a slight variation of it. The crossword puzzle itself is the #1 rank. Here’s this month’s winners:

dick is short for richard because of their penises

Interesting concept, although I speculate whether it is an accurate statement depends on which Richard, or Dick, you consider.

he was given the nickname count for his unique yet progressive piano playing

C’mon now searchers. That oughta be easy. The answer to your search, and, hence, 16 Across, can’t be anything other than Count Basie.

road rage sioux falls road rage

So nice (or pissed) you gotta say it twice.

tommy chong get clean shampoo

Tommy has been paroled from federal prison so I presume getting clean shampoo is no longer an issue for him.

poem vonnegut daily show liberal crap

I wonder if this is an either/or or an all of the above question from an unbiased observer.

pat metheny god delusion

Metheny is a guitar god but I don’t think he has deluded himself into thinking he actually is God. And my assessment of him as a person goes up if he’s a fan of the book, The God Delusion.

gannett real life real news

Is this one of those “which term doesn’t go with the others” quizzes?

If you play a tune and a person don’t tap their feet, don’t play the tune.

Count Basie

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