Accumulated marginalia

I have to admit at the outset that some of this marginalia has been sitting in the draft pile for a while. Combined with more recent items, they’re finally seeing the light of cyberspace here.

The spat among board members and others from the National Book Critics Circle over one of the finalists for NBCC’s […]

Somebody build an arena here overnight?

USA Today has a couple nice pieces on the USHL today. Still, maybe the reporter should have done a bit more fact checking. The main story reports: “Sioux Falls boasts a spacious $50 million arena.” Sure wish the guy would tell the Stampede and everyone here where it is. Not sure how much the current […]

Hockey book briefs

Being a latecomer to the sport of hockey (not surprising as I’ve only been on ice skates once in my life), I occasionally try to learn more about the sport through a primary obsession — reading. Not surprisingly, hockey books don’t really rise to the level of great literature. Still, they’re often worth the time […]

An American madrassa

It is unquestionably the most frightening movie I have seen in years. It actually bordered on making me feel physically ill. This isn’t some gory horror movie or some graphic war footage. It is the Oscar-nominated documentary Jesus Camp.

The film takes us inside the homes and churches of children from Missouri who end up […]