Catch up marginalia

Because of my trip and the consequences that always flow from being gone, a couple items probably should have been posted before or during my travels.

  • Ursula Le Guin blasts Slate for describing genre fiction as a “decaying corpse.”
  • July 7 marked the centenary of Robert Heinlein’s birth. There were at least two panels on him at Readercon and he factored into several others, including those dealing with the political in SF.
  • The NY Times has a “reporter’s notebook” item on the Jose Padilla trial that is worth reading. You remember Padilla. He’s the U.S. citizen held in solitary confinement for almost three years with no criminal charges brought against him.
  • In a new SF column at Bookslut, Paul Kincaid argues that “we have lost our sense of what science fiction is” and that it may not be a bad thing.
  • On a related note, David Louis Edelman asks if we are approaching the end of science fiction.
  • A couple days ago I mailed off my permission for the publishers of The Legal System: Opposing Viewpoints to include my “Credentialing Bloggers” post in a new edition of the book coming out later this year.
  • The Lettre Ulysses Award, an international award given annually for the best work of “literary reportage” is on hiatus due to a lack of funding. (Via.)

We are all of us in the gutter
But some of us are looking at the stars

“Message of Love,” The Pretenders, Pretenders II

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