Sunday marginalia

  • We can only hope that a now-pulled post on a neocon website urging Bush to assume the role of “President-for-Life” was satire or the work of hackers. (Via.)
  • Denise Ross points out that in part due to her recent vote on the government’s warrantless surveillance powers (discussed in a post earlier this week), has led some to view her not as a “Blue Dog” Democrat but a “core” member of the “Bush Dogs.”
  • Moving from the political to the important, Corey Vilhauer chimes in on the latest poll on reading, noting, “With the onset of easy entertainment has come the onset of easy thinking.” Go read the rest — and not just because he said nice things about my post on the subject.
  • You can tell Mary Garrigan has joined Mount Blogmore. The subject of her first post? A book. I am somewhat concerned in that that I would have thought Mary had more judgment than to join that crew in the blogosphere. But then again, she did marry Kevin. (The latter said with great affection for both.)
  • During my trip back Friday, I gave in to my kids’ amazement that I had never used “shuffle” on my iPod. Having done so, I had to wonder about its randomness. Nearly 15 percent of the songs it played were from one CD box set, whose tunes make up only two percent of the 1600+ songs currently on the iPod. In addition, it played the song “Sandy” from a Springsteen live CD, immediately followed by that same song from a Springsteen collection. Of course, the latter may just be proof of how random randomness is.
  • Based on my recollection of Catholicism and the political positions taken yet today by some fundamentalists and evangelicals, I don’t really see that this flowchart is all that medieval.
  • To move from the snarky, NASA has reached an agreement with the Internet Archive to build an online space image archive.
  • At first I wondered about the need for a science fiction awards watch but the first week reveals a number of awards I had not heard of before. (Via.)

In Catholic school
As vicious as Roman rule
I got my knuckles bruised by a lady in black
And I held my tongue as she told me,
“Son, fear is the heart of love”
So I never went back

“I Will Follow You Into The Dark,” Death Cab for Cutie, Plans

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