Back, again

A recent and relatively intense disagreement between the discs in my lumbar spine and the rest of my body has kept me laying low and prevented finalizing various posts (not to mention how drowsy the combination of muscle relaxers and pain makes you). That said, I had to comment on this because it’s another one of those “maybe it is time to move to Canada” moments.

The First Amendment Center yesterday released the results of its annual survey on the state of the First Amendment. Among the results:

  • Only 56 percent of those surveyed believe that freedom to worship applies to all religious groups.
  • 74 percent believe a public school student should not be allowed to wear a t-shirt with a message or picture others might find offensive.
  • 58 percent believe public school teachers or officials should be allowed to lead prayers in school.
  • 65 percent believe the founders of the nation “intended the United States to be a Christian nation.”
  • 55 percent believe the U.S. Constitution “establishes a Christian nation.”

What makes this more frightening is that 56 percent of those surveyed consider themselves Democrats or independents, twice as many as those who consider themselves Republican.

Lord, there’s danger in this land
You get witch-hunts and wars
When church and state hold hands

“Tax Free,” Joni Mitchell, Dog Eat Dog

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