Hockey on the horizon

In those immortal words, “and now for something completely different,” the leaves turning and fall in the air means one thing — it’s almost hockey season.

My online hockey fantasy league had its draft last night. Among other places, we’ve got guys from Southern California, the UK and Canada. Having randomly been selected to get the first draft pick, I lived up to conventional wisdom and took Sid the Kid.

In real life, the USHL Fall Classic is current underway in Sioux City.  At $11 for a day pass, I may just run down Saturday to watch a few games. More important, the Stampede begin their regular season play at home on Oct. 6, where they will also unveil their championship banner.

The NHL regular season kicks off this weekend, although the first two games are in London of all places Saturday and Sunday. At least they are being broadcast in the U.S. — plus the the Center Ice package is free until October 9.

Yep, I may wean myself a bit from my book addiction by substituting my hockey addiction. As my wife says, though, if those are my “vices” then she can’t really complain.

I’ve always felt hockey was like a disease. You can’t really shake it.

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