Bookish marginalia

As “fug” is unquestionably being overused in the press and blogs regarding Norman Mailer’s death, I’ll instead note it by a collection of book-related links from the last several days:

  • Good thing they can only throw digital images of books. LibraryThing calls Shelfari “unethical” and “basically social networking rapists.”
  • Continuing to encourage travel and international reading, the National Geographic Traveler site has launched a Trip Lit feature.
  • Approaching international reading from another perspective comes word of Kalima, a project hoping to translate 100 classic and contemporary works of literature into Arabic. (Via.)
  • I don’t watch it for the reasons expressed in the column as a Guardian correspondent says, “For the sake of literacy in the US, Book TV must be taken off the air.” (Via.)
  • Here’s what I found interesting in another Guardian piece of a survey of books readers love to reread: 43% of readers know if they will finish a book after only the first chapter. (Via.)
  • The complete review reviews and Ed rants on The Bookaholics’ Guide to Book Blogs.
  • Ed also rants on Mailer, calling him the most overrated writer of the 20th Century.

Writing books is the closest men ever come to childbearing.

Norman Mailer, New York Times Book Review, Sept. 17, 1965

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