Weekend marginalia

A longer than anticipated collection of items that piqued my interest recently:

  • Kudos to Cory for pointing out that one of the historic figures of Sioux Falls was one of Lenin’s favorite authors and leading us to the book itself, which you can read online or download. (I did the latter and will probably start perusing it yet today.)
  • Speaking of older books, it’s definitely worth at least checking out The Secret Museum of Mankind, a scanned copy of a 1935 book that was billed as the “Worlds’ Greatest Collection of Strange & Secret Photographs.” (Via.)
  • I think I need this. (Also via.)
  • Having recently made reference to the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize, I was pleased to see the longlist for this year’s prize has been released. Gee, a whole list of books to check up on at the local library website or Amazon. (Via.)
  • Kathleen Goonan’s In War Times won the 2008 Reading List Award in the SF category. The awards, given by the American Library Association, go to books in eight different adult fiction genres, including SF, fantasy, horror, mystery, romance and historical fiction. While I’ve not read the winner, I have read five of the other nine nominees. (Via.)
  • The blog three percent gives us a two-part short guide to literary Minneapolis and Minneapolis book culture.
  • I will never cease to be amazed and disgusted by such insane hatred, whether religious, ethnic or nationalist. (Via.)
  • So THAT’S what happens when I click “Publish.” (Also via.)

Pretty soon, you’ll be an old bastard too

“Bastard,” Ben Folds, Songs For Silverman

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