Search term follies – Part 5

How time flies. I just noticed it’s been nearly a year since I’ve posted one of these. Inspired by Commander Other and a recurring search term, I figured I may as well close out the first month of the year with some of the wacky and weird search terms that bring people here:,

This search is popping up with more frequency. In fact, in some iterations of this search this blog even shows up number 1 at some search engines. As far as I can tell, the website they are searching for does not exist but, what the heck, the searchers are welcome here.

what is the point of a prairie

I’m sure many city dwellers may wonder this. Those of us who live on the prairie well know the answer and we ain’t telling.

five second rule “medieval etiquette”

Despite my love of history and interest in medieval history, I was unaware this rule had such origins.

dictionary numbification

I think the numbification set in before the search.

dictionary for big boom in space

Alien told us that in space no one could hear you scream. Maybe different rules apply to explosions.

url crazed

Perchance a new pscyhological disorder suffered by some bloggers?

hot butred

This search probably needs a dictionary ahead of time, since I don’t think that’s the spelling used for either the popcorn or the rum.

thune definition

C’mon, that’s almost too easy an opening for so many not too nice responses! I will strive for my goal of staying away from the political, though.

omaha atomic dog

Hmmm. New reality show concept?

kids homework – ninth amendment

Sorry, not even the express constitutional prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment applies to homework.

The time is gone, the song is over
Thought I’d something more to say

“Time,” Pink Floyd, Dark Side Of The Moon

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