Actually reaching the likeminded?

It was just less than three years ago that I decided to move the focus of this blog away from politics and the like to “things that actually bring pleasure, meaning and nuance to life.” This has covered a variety of things over those three years but mostly books and reading. While it may not […]

Wintry weekend marginalia

One good thing to be said about three day weekends with what the media calls “dangerous” wind chills? A wonderful opportunity to gather around the fireplace and read. In fact, even with all but one daughter home, there’s been little television and mostly reading (my only trips being to the library and to a hockey […]

Book Review: Guantanamo by Dorothea Dieckmann

Just as in my last review, here’s another book that makes me reconsider my rule of thumb that my books of the year are limited to books published that year. Had I read it two weeks before I did, Dorothea Dieckmann’s short novel, Guantanamo, would have easily made, if not topped, my 2007 list. In […]

Global warming and the South Dakota Supreme Court

Global warming is a focus of a new South Dakota Supreme Court decision. In it, the Court unanimously upholds the permitting of a new coal-fired electric generating plant in northeast South Dakota. While the Court acknowledges the potential threat of global warming, it says decisions in this area rest with the executive and legislative branches […]

Book Review: Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson

If there was any doubt I am enthralled with foreign fiction, it is totally erased. The first four books I’ve read this year are translated works. There’s not a single weak one among them and Out Stealing Horses is among the strongest. It is yet one more reason why I need to quit limiting my […]