Farewell Arthur

The travel mentioned in my last post kept me away from the news. Thus, I was extremely saddened and surprised to see this afternoon that Arthur C. Clarke died. It was only three months ago that he celebrated his 90th birthday. As I said then, Clarke was instrumental in helping create my longstanding interest in […]

If this is Wednesday, this must be …

When I first started practicing law, I loved the travel. San Francisco, Detroit, the Twin Cities, Raleigh-Durham, the Twin Cities and plenty of places betwixt and between. But I quickly learned that it wears on a person. I missed sleeping in my own bed and I especially missed my kids, young as they were. I […]

Reflections on back-to-back Bruce

Hitting consecutive shows by Springsteen and the E Street Band in Omaha and St. Paul provided interesting insight into the culture of Springsteen.

You see, every show I’ve seen with the E Street Band is much like an old-fashioned tent revival in the church of rock and roll. Bruce and the band preach a gospel […]

Even I don’t get this worked up about Springsteen

“A woman snapped and stabbed her partner to death after he objected to her listening to Bruce Springsteen music, a court has been told.”

Perhaps the fact my wife and I are heading to two Springsteen concerts this weekend made me a bit more attentive to that news article. Fortunately, though, it wasn’t my wife […]

Mortal sins for the 21st Century

What’s happening to the Catholic Church? You know, the church I belonged to until, to quote George Carlin, “I reached the age of reason.” First, limbo goes out the window. Now the church is bringing mortal sin into the 21st Century.

For those unfamiliar with Catholic doctrine, mortal sins basically mean go directly to hell […]