Another milestone

This post must go in the perhaps better late than never category. It was drafted over the weekend and the fact it is being posted today reflects just how far it got with the various work and home activity that’s going on.

Anyway, twenty-two years ago this past weekend, my then less than three month […]

No lawyers need apply

I received a call at home Tuesday night from an outfit in Michigan whose name I do not recall saying they were looking for a certain number of registered voters to participate in a political focus group. I was initially inclined to tell them to go away but thought maybe it would be interesting to […]

Which book would I save?

Corey V. asked last week, “Which book would you save?” At first, I was just going to post a comment on his blog. Then, I thought maybe it was worth a quick blog post. I realized, though, that a question like that is far, far too difficult for a comment or quick post.

Corey’s post […]

What? I’ve actually read a top “Good Read” choice?

The spring installment of the National Book Critics Circle’s Good Reads list is out and, once again, neither of the books I voted for made the top five. For the first time, though, I’ve read books that made the top 10 in both the fiction and nonfiction lists, even reading the top vote-getter in nonfiction.


Bookish marginalia

Several worthy book-related items have passed by recently so here’s a round up:

The 2007 Nebula Awards were announced last weekend. Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union won Best Novel. Since it is also nominated for the Hugo Award and the Sidewise Awards, I picked it up from the library yesterday. Those awards came on […]