What about those who aren’t residents of planet Earth?

Reading one of the longer books I’ve undertaken in a while and a string of enjoyable weather has kept me from the blogging world. I think favoring a book and good weather over the electronic world is more than justifiable. And if a recent Random House/Zogby poll is any indication, I’m not alone in at […]

Impeachment politics and the Bar

Politics are undoubtedly a primary topic of debate in bars around the country. It is extremely rare, though, when a political issue becomes a formal topic of debate and discussion for the South Dakota Bar Association. Yet that will be the case when a resolution dealing with the impeachment of Bush and Cheney will be […]

Book Review: The Great Derangement by Matt Taibbi

As you can tell from the tone of some of the political posts here, I’m fed up. I’m tired of politics and politicians and revolted by how they elevate self-interest over public interest. It can be therapeutic to see you’re not alone. And Matt Taibbi’s The Great Derangement, also indicates there’s a lot of people […]