Putting it in my back yard (or at least nearby)

One of the things that intrigued me on our Baltic cruise was the large number of wind turbines, including offshore ones, we saw around Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. Now it looks like a wind turbine — or at least a small one — is coming to within about a half mile of my house.

Memorial Middle School is one of eight South Dakota schools selected to participate in the Wind for Schools program. At this point, I am a big supporter of using wind energy, particularly given the amount of wind we have in the state. At the same time, I know some oppose it because of noise complaints, conservation and aesthetic concerns, and whether it actually helps with either base or peak load given the wind doesn’t blow all the time or on demand. (Although I do recall growing up that all my farming relatives had and used windmills.)

Perhaps the size and the fact it will be half a mile away (although certainly visible) from my house makes it easier for me not to be a NIMBY (“not in my back yard”). Maybe that will change with experience but so far it strikes me that wind-generated power has less adverse impact than continued reliance on fossil fuels. So, I am kind of look forward to the turbine’s installation and use at the school.

Give me the restless power of the wind

“Power,” No Nukes

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