Five years ago today

Yes, it was five years and more than 1,200 posts ago that the first post appeared on this blog. A lot has changed in that time, some for the good (from a blog perspective) and perhaps more from the bad (nationally).

When this blog started, it was pretty much all politics all the time. There’s a certain part of me that wants to scream “I told you so!” but even with close to 80 percent of the people recognizing the country has been on the wrong track, it’s largely the same old same old. It took about a year and a half for me to realize I wanted this blog to head in a different direction. And some of what led me to that conclusion remains today in both the general political atmosphere as well as the SD blogosphere.

No doubt the lack of politics impacts how much traffic this blog gets. But I don’t really care. It’s not like the internet needs more blog cacophony when the bottom line is that “change” — this year’s political buzzword — ain’t really gonna happen. I would much rather post and talk about things that enrich our lives.

So aside from occasional comments here and there (just four posts this year in the “Politics” category), this blog will continue to focus on books and other things I love. From my perspective, that is worth celebrating on a fifth anniversary.

If you can get people just to think about earning and spending, earning and spending, then they are less likely to want to think for themselves.

Rob Gifford, China Road

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