Book Review: Kafka Comes to America by Steven T. Wax

We Americans like “up close and personal” stories, at least if they’re about athletes, celebrities, inspirational figures or the like. Yet it may be another story if we’re talking about getting up close and personal with those our government accuses of being terrorists. Yet many of those stories are ones we probably need to hear.


Tuesday Thingers: LT’s quotation field

Have you ever added a quote to the quotation field in [Library Thing’s] common knowledge? What’s a quote you particularly like from a book, one that you know by heart?

Since I didn’t know what “common knowledge” was until seeing this, no. It may, though, come in as a handy resource.

Although I put […]

Musing Mondays: Treatment of books

Here is the third of the book-related memes in which I will occasionally participate:

Do you treat books carefully, or do you just treat them as any other object? Do you have certain things you refuse to do with books (write in them, etc)? If so, what are they?

I am almost obsessive […]

Celebrate an upcoming world premiere – buy the DVD

It took a while (and more work than I can probably imagine) but Unplanned Democracy, the documentary about South Dakota’s 2006 abortion ban vote written and directed by Denise Ross, has its world premiere Saturday at the South Dakota Film Festival. Given that South Dakotans face another abortion vote in November, the premiere is timely.


Booking Through Thursday: Villainy

Here’s the first installment in another of the book memes I will be using as motivation/inspiration for writing more about books and the reading life.

Today is the 7th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I know that not all of you who read are […]