Let’s help two South Dakota schools needing books

Through the LA Times book blog, I learned of It’s a site that allows you to donate money to help teachers fund class projects. The program is open to all public schools and the site currently has five South Dakota projects, two of which seek to bring books to students.

By chance, the site kicked off its 2008 Blogger Challenge Wednesday. Last year the challenge raised $420,000 to help education. In honor of Banned Books Week and believing books in the classroom are essential to our future, I created the Lending a Hand on the Prairie “giving page,” where you can donate to either or both of the projects in Tabor and Stephan. The giving page also gives the info and background on both projects.

Later today or tomorrow I will add a box in the right sidebar that will take you directly to the giving page and serve as a reminder during the Blogger Challenge without me reposting this.

Please remember, a donation isn’t to show support for this blog, anything on it or even the name I picked for the giving page. It is simply a mechanism to help South Dakota schools in need of books. I know times are tough but please consider helping literacy and education. And, for what it’s worth, your contribution is tax deductible.

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