Using technology to enhance Memorial Day

Here’s one of those wonderful places where technology can enhance tradition. In connection with Memorial Day weekend, Sean Askay, an innovative Google Earth developer, has launched Map the Fallen.

Using Google Earth 5.0, you can view a map of the United States that shows where each of the more than 5,700 American and Coalition servicemen and women that have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan through March of this year are from. Not only that, “you can see photos, learn about how they died, visit memorial websites with comments from friends and families, and explore the places they called home and where they died.” It’s a project that’s been four years in the making on Sean’s personal time. It is both stunning and quite the tribute to those who have died.

By the way, The Big Picture also commemorates Memorial Day in its own imitable style.

If God’s on our side
He’ll stop the next war.

“With God On Our Side,” Bob Dylan

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