Game 7 is Number 1 rated show

I damn near fell out of my chair when I saw it today. According to the god of television ratings, Nielsen, Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals on NBC “claimed the top slot in Nielsen’s ranking of the top primetime telecasts on broadcast TV for June 12, 2009. The show drew approximately 8.0 million average viewers Friday evening.”

Granted, that’s about half what an NBA finals game drew the night before and is unlikely to land the game in the week’s top 10 shows. Still, the fact is it the game was airing on a Friday night, did not involve a team from a major media market like New York or L.A. (unlike the NBA) and pulled in 2.5 million more viewers than the second and third place shows.

For a niche sport, that’s a helluva showing!

No, I can’t remember how I scored and I don’t care how I scored.

Pittsburgh Penguin forward Max Talbot
on scoring both his team’s goals in Game 7

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