Friday Follies 1.11

Epitomizing the saw, “can’t take a joke,” woman sues her daughter-in-law, a professional comedian, for spreading false, defamatory and racist lies with in-law jokes. (Via.)

On the other hand, lawyer jokes “are OK” if you’re worried about getting sued. (Via.)

A good corollary to don’t drink and drive: don’t get tanked and tweet.

We all know the internet is a form of mass media. That’s not good in Kazakhstan, where recognition of all Internet resources as media outlets means all websites, including blogs, chat rooms, web forums, electronic libraries, online stores, must register with the government. (But, hey, at least Kazaks will be getting a fancy new library.)

Only one crime was solved by each 1,000 CCTV cameras in London last year.” (Via.)

Denmark, usually a model of sanity and rationality, is considering legislation that would ban people from wearing burkas and niqabs in public.

Speaking of religion-related bans, Russia passed legislation outlawing all flags with an image of a cross as extremist materials. Seems someone forgot, among other things, that the Russian Navy uses such flags.

Meanwhile, back in Scandinavia, Finland wants the heads of many Americans to explode. It’s Parliament is drafting a law that would authorize police to inspect, without having established suspicion of commission of a crime, the private homes of persons holding gun permits. How much you wanna bet, though, that if the NRA and other U.S. organizations mention this, they will omit the fact the law would require police to give permit holders two weeks’ notice.

Everybody loves to see
Justice done on somebody else

“Justice,” Bruce Cockburn, Inner City Front

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