Weekend Edition: 8-22

Bulletin Board

Reporter Bob Mercer (one of the best) has started a “South Dakota Government blog” called Pure Pierre Politics. It has been accordingly added to the blogroll. (HT PP.)

A blog to which I contributed this year — Notable Books — has received a nomination for Best Literary Blog for Book Blogger Appreciation Week. […]

Friday Follies 1.10

I’m sorry, but putting a library book in “a back room where it is held under lock and key and can be seen only by appointment,” is the equivalent of banning it.

Hmmm, for some odd reason both law professors and well known lawyers seem somewhat taken aback by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s […]

South Dakota’s ‘hate groups’ quartet

What do neo-Nazis, skinheads and fundamentalist Mormons have in common? In South Dakota, they comprise the “hate groups” identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The SPLC has created an online map of organizations and groups it considers to be “hate groups,” which it defines as having “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an […]

Midweek Music Moment: Chicago V, Chicago

Thirty-seven years ago hard-core Chicago fans like me thought the rest of the county had finally caught on. In retrospect, what we were seeing was actually the beginning of a new and different path, one that would lead some of us from the band.

On August 19, 1972, Chicago V became the number one album […]

I’m addicted and someone’s going to pay

I guess I’ve been too lighthearted when I’ve said in the past that I may be am “addicted” to reading. Turns out there “arguably” is such a thing as a reading addiction.

When does reading become an addiction? Well, “reading is an addiction when it is used as a mechanism to avoid reality. A person […]