Friday Follies 1.13

A talk by author Ellen Hopkins, who also wrote this year’s Banned Books Week Manifesto, at a Norman, Okla., middle school was reportedly cancelled after the school district superintendent received a complaint from a parent, who also filed a challenge seeking removal of one of Hopkins’ books from the school’s library. Irony is just too nice and polite a term for this.

Maybe Denmark isn’t as liberal as its tourism ads would make you think. The Danish Supreme Court has ruled an unemployed man who won about $38,000 playing poker online had to surrender his winnings. The reason? It was his only income and Danish law forbids earning a living through gambling.

Holland must be getting tired of tourists. “The Dutch government plans to introduce a national marijuana pass, available only to Dutch nationals over 18 years of age, under a program that would ban foreigners from visiting ‘coffee shops’ (marijuana cafes).”

Gee, I don’t know if I’d want to irritate him: Hulk Hogan sues a law firm claiming it charged him more than $1 million in legal fees when his insurance company would have provided an attorney at no cost.

Do you give the guy credit for thinking outside the box? Federal tax court tells lawyer money he paid to prostitutes is not deductible as a medical expense.

Who needs Judge Judy when you can go online to Instant Jury? Oh, that’s right. It doesn’t get your face on TV. (Via.)

It is well know that on every questsion the lawyers are about equally divided … and were we to act but in cases where no contrary opinion of a lawyer can behad, we should never act.

Thomas Jefferson, The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Vol. 11

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