Friday Follies: 1.21

A Russian court reduced by several months the sentence of a man who murdered and ate his mother — and dismissed a cannibalism charge against him — because “I was so hungry, I had to eat [the corpse].” (Via.)

But maybe it’s a cultural thing. “Russian police have arrested three homeless people suspected of eating a 25-year-old man they had butchered and selling other bits of the corpse to a local kebab house.”

Among the effects of the recession is one I never thought possible. It’s prompting people to volunteer for jury duty. (BTW, I’ve actually been on jury duty this month but so far it has amounted to watching a 25-minute or so video on the legal system and juries.)

In the don’t believe every advertising slogan you see category, “a lawyer you can trust” is sentenced to prison for misappropriating $1.99 million from a client’s account.

Law And More thinks that, rather than celebrating Thanksgiving, Nov. 26 should be declared a National Day of Self-Pity for “lawyers, law students, and college students whose parents are pushing them toward law school.”

The most valuable lesson man has learned from his dog is to kick a few blades of grass over it and move on.

Robert Brault

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