Weekend Edition: 11-21

Bulletin Board

My friend Michael at The MinusCar Project is partnering with the Sioux Falls Green Project to bring the documentary No Impact Man to Sioux Falls. The movie, which tells the story of Colin Beavan’s decision to completely eliminate his personal impact on the environment for a full year, will be shown at Augie’s […]

Friday Follies: 1.21

A Russian court reduced by several months the sentence of a man who murdered and ate his mother — and dismissed a cannibalism charge against him — because “I was so hungry, I had to eat [the corpse].” (Via.)

But maybe it’s a cultural thing. “Russian police have arrested three homeless people suspected of eating […]

A visit from an old friend

There’s a certain rhythm and inner warmth when you see an old friend after a number of years. While I’ve never spoken to Leo Kottke in my life, seeing him perform Thursday night at the Orpheum Theater had that feel.

I first became acquainted with Kottke in the mid-70s through his albums Greenhouse, Ice Water, […]

Blog etiquette rant

In the scheme of life, the universe and everything, it’s no big deal. But it does kind of piss me off so you’ll have to forgive this rant as I vent a bit.

When I post a bunch of links in Weekend Edition or Friday Follies, I use “Via” to link to whomever led me […]

Beating the rush on a National Book Award winner

I mentioned when they were announced that I hadn’t read any of the finalists for the National Book Award. Lucky timing is going to help me out with reading one of the winners.

Taking a look at some of the “best of” lists for this year that have been appearing in the last week or […]