The strain of abundant diversions

There aren’t a lot of things that I really, really, really enjoy. So it seems odd that having plenty of opportunity to engage in a couple of those things would feel, well… somewhat stressful. Yet reading books and watching hockey make me think I need a vacation. Not to get away from those things — but to have enough time to indulge myself in them.

The publishing world and the hockey world have conspired to really fill my plate. As for the former, my TBR stack is really getting out of control. I have four books from the library, two of which are a combined 1,000 pages, and all of which I really want to read. I have three more books on hold there. There’s two books I’m slated to read and review which also approach 1,000 pages. And then there’s the two reviews I really should write within the next week.

While the book piles are overflowing, it’s also the best time of year for hockey fans. The NCAA Division I regionals start this afternoon and run through Sunday (it took a great effort to resist buying a ticket for the West Regional in St. Paul.) The Frozen Four is in two weeks and, about the same time, the USHL playoffs start. The week after the Frozen Four the NHL playoffs start. Throw in work and the other demands of the real world and I just don’t know where to find the time to revel in these opportunities while they’re here.

Of course, if that’s what I have in life to bellyache about, I shouldn’t be complaining. Still (he whines), it’s hard to read and watch hockey at the same time.

You will be surprised what psychological motivation there is in your having physical possession of the books you plan to read.

Norman Lewis, How to Read Better and Faster

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