Friday Follies 2.8

Stupid Legislative Trick of the Week: Sacrificing the higher education system to balance our state budget.

Sumo suits, those bulky foam outfits seen at office picnics and intermissions at sporting events, have been declared prohibited racist objects by the student government of Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada.

Possibly The Most Idiotic Prescription Drug Warning Ever: “Do not take Xyzal if you are allergic to Xyzal …”

Perhaps I should be more sympathetic, but the skeptic in me says the guy who sued his neighbor to shut off her iPhone, laptop computer, wifi and other electronic devices because of “electromagnetic sensitivities” simply needs to buy better quality aluminum foil for his headgear.

One morning in the courtroom
The judge looked down at me
Said, “Son, for your own good
Don’t mess with reality”

“Reality,” The Lost Gonzo Band

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