Friday Follies 2.9

“A 28-year-old man said he wanted a third degree felony on his record so he wouldn’t be allowed to attend law school.” I think, though, there are much easier ways to avoid it. (Dumb as a Blog)

Like Jonathan Turley, I’m not sure who the traffic sign is directed at but I’m guessing “attenzione prostitute” attracts the attention of wide range of people.

A gunshot victim who was molested by a transgender nurse has sued a Cincinnati hospital claiming that allowing the male employee to dress as a woman “involved an unreasonable risk of harm to others.”

ATL’s version of March Madness results in Washington, D.C., being the best city for lawyers. When you consider the politicians and lobbyists who aren’t lawyers that are already there, this won’t help make Washington any more popular in “flyover country.”

A Cleveland judge and her daughter are suing the city’s newspaper for $50 million for violating the privacy policy of the newspaper’s web site. The suit stems from the paper revealing that anonymous comments posted on its Web site, including ones dealing with matters over which the judge is presiding were traced to her personal AOL e-mail account.

An Arkansas woman has been charged with harassment for posts on her16-year-old son’s Facebook page. I think “unfriending” her would be far more simple. (BoingBoing)

Finally, in light of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens announcing his retirement today, the closing quote will come from his opinion in what may be the most catastrophic folly in Supreme Court history

Although we may never know with complete certainty the identity of the winner of this year’s Presidential election, the identity of the loser is perfectly clear. It is the Nation’s confidence in the judge as an impartial guardian of the rule of law.

Bush v. Gore (Justice Stevens dissenting)

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