29 years — and still counting

Today marks the one thing I’ve done longer than anything else in my life. Twenty-nine years ago I cemented the best decision I ever made and married my wife, Kathy. Although I don’t think either of us is surprised we’re still together, I still wonder at times how she’s managed to put up with me […]

Weekend Edition: 5-22

Self Promotion

I’m quoted in the National Book Critics Circle’s roundup of members’ thoughts on the smartest works on conjugal love. I picked Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking, her memoir of the year following the death of her husband.

Blog Headline of the Week

TSA: Thousands Standing Around

Best Blog Line(s) of the […]

Friday Follies 2.15

Evidently not having read the “not stealing” part of the Ten Commandments, a British man is being sought for copyright infringement on hundreds of Christian books.

The ads were/are annoying enough but Subway’s effort to trademark “footlong” ensures I won’t eat at any of their restaurants again.

Probably not the headline you want about you […]

Booking Through Thursday: Useful

What’s the most useful book you’ve ever read? And, why?

My “most useful” book isn’t one book, it comes from a series of books.

You see, law students rely on a couple commercial devices to help survive. They include outlines, such as “Gilley’s” (short for Gilbert’s Law Summaries), and the books in the West […]

Sunday brunch

As I indicated, travel has keep internet access occasional at best. As a result, the weekly installments of Friday Follies and Weekend Edition didn’t make it on their normal days. So, with a bit of down time this morning, I’m offering Sunday Brunch, a combo of the two in one post that hopefully isn’t stale.