Friday Follies 2.18

The finalists for the 2010 Wacky Warning Labels award have been announced.

Offered without comment: The Minnesota Department of Human Rights says “Ladies’ Night” discriminates against men by depriving them of the right to “full and equal enjoyment” of the establishments offering them. (Obscure Store and Reading Room)

“A Dutch court has ruled that disclosing the general location of files that infringe copyright is the same thing as infringing copyright itself.”

How not to make a name for yourself in the legal profession: A Wisconsin lawyer was admitted to practice in 2006 but closed up shop in October 2008. This week the Wisconsin Supreme Court revoked his license after he was found to have committed 55 counts of professional misconduct in ten separate client matters. (Legal Profession Blog)

How not to make friends in the legal profession: An ethics complaint has been filed against a Chicago lawyer who described various competing attorneys as “a Jew who only wants to take your money,” “homosexual,” “fag,” “faggot,” “a child molester,” “idiots and morons” and having a “sexual torture chamber” in their basement

The cops caught the guy who stole my car and he is me.

An Arkansas man was arrested for murder after showing up for his first day of work at a new job wearing still bloody clothes. (Neatorama)

Teacher at Christian school fired for fornication when it turns out her child was conceived three weeks before her wedding. (Overlawyered)

…if not actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled.

P.G. Wodehouse, The Code of the Woosters

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