Friday Follies 2.25

A man is suing employees of his church, the First Love Church Healing Center, claiming the pastor had them take turns hitting him on his bare buttocks and lower back for looking at an unspecified website the pastor didn’t approve of.

A Moldovan priest is accused of accidental homicide after he allegedly drowned a baby during a baptism.

The Google Scholar blog gives us entertaining court opinions.

I think it safe to assume a family relationship is broken when a judicial candidate’s daughter and son-in-law — both attorneys — launche a website called “Do Not Vote For My Dad” and that says the candidate “is not a good father, not a good grandfather and in my opinion a review of his 37 year record as an attorney … reveals that he would not be a good judge.” (via Jonathan Turley)

An Indian woman who filed for divorce on the grounds her husband was impotent was countersued on the basis the allegation “rendered him unmarriageble and sullied his prestige.” The husband won and was awarded 200,000 rupees, some five times the country’s annual per capita income. (via Neatorama)

“A Belmar man was arrested in Downtown Jersey City after allegedly masturbating in front of a sharp-eyed 76-year-old woman who helped identify the man by telling police she noticed his penis was pierced.” (via Legal Juice)

Justice … limps along, but it gets there all the same.

Gabriel García Márquez, In Evil Hour

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