Friday Follies 2.27

A Florida man was arrested after punching the father of an autistic because the child disturbed his dining experience at Olive Garden. (via Jonathan Turley)

The North Carolina State Bar has filed charges against an attorney who is alleged to have asked a divorce client how much it would cost to unbutton or remove each button on her top. The charges also allege the attorney told the client, “I would expect us to explore everything in the world sexually tonight we could think of…”

Asterisks Don’t Make Expletives Okay, According to F**king Bureaucrats

The Pillsbury Doughboy takes out the Dough Girl.

I may need to create a calling 911 subcategory. This week, a Florida woman was already being arrested when she “threatened to call 911 and complain that she was being arrested.” (via Dumb as a Blog)

A battle of behemoths: the Catholic Church vs. funeral homes.

The laws sometimes sleep, but never die.

Latin legal maxim

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