Friday Follies 2.31

Romanian legislators say fear may have been to blame for the defeat of their bill to tax witches and fortune tellers. The bill would also have held fortune tellers liable for wrong predictions. (via)

A Wisconsin woman was arrested for possession of marijuana — after allegedly stealing it from the back of the town police chief’s truck. (via)

And a Wisconsin district attorney who was prosecuting a woman’s ex-boyfriend sent the woman some 30 text messages over the course of three days, asking, among other things, if she was “the kind of girl that likes secret contact with an older married elected DA.” (via)

Ah yes, the tried and true “I thought he was a bear” defense.

Is fighting over religion with a church the definition of folly? A New York couple has sued a Catholic high school for refusing a religious exemption to enroll their son without state-required vaccinations. The complaint alleges, among other things, that “God designed our bodies to have immune systems that must not be defiled by vaccines. Immunizations are a violation of God’s supreme authority, and therefore, unholy.”

In another sue the church episode, IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is suing IHOP (International House of Prayer) for trademark infringement.

I’m really not quite sure why an attorney would think otherwise but the South Carolina Supreme Court not only agrees that sleeping with a client’s spouse “morally inappropriate and ill-advised at best,” it also believes it is a per se violation of the rules of professional conduct that govern attorneys. (via)

Get out of the way of Justice. She is blind.

Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, More Unkempt Thoughts

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