Friday Follies 2.32

Easy way for an attorney to get disbarred: ask your client to get cocaine for you.

Of course, if you actually snort the cocaine in the courthouse while you’re representing a man charged with murder, you get two days in jail and have to perform 240 hours of community service. (In fairness, the Minnesota disciplinary board has not yet taken action.)

“A Spanish man calmly drank beer with his mates in a bar with his murdered girlfriend’s head in a bag.” If that sentence isn’t good enough: he told his friends he had decapitated his girlfriend but “he was so calm they did not believe him, despite bloodstains on his shirt.” (via)

A British supermarket chain is being prosecuted for “excessive meat wrapping.”

Last week it was the “I thought he was a bear” defense. This week it’s “too much caffeine drove me insane (temporarily).”

Also last week I noted Romanian legislators defeated a proposal to tax witches and fortune tellers. Evidently, the Russian Parliament isn’t as concerned about any potential occult ramifications. It is moving forward with a bill to ban anyone who calls themselves a witch or a wizard from advertising their services in the media. (via)

A Michigan judge already under investigation for misconduct dismissed four of his traffic tickets and five traffic charges against his wife “after explanation” to himself.

Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.

Elbert Hubbard, The Philistine (September 1906)

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