Friday Follies 2.34

Gotta love them pro se litigants. From a complaint filed in federal court in Oregon: “Plaintiff shall henceforth refer to self as litigant since she is defendant, appellant or plaintiff, depending on which shyster-vermin she is dealing with. Litigant files this response to the order filed by Docket Clerk Brinn and signed by USDC-OR Magistrate Coffin deeming all pending motions… moot since the frocked cowfucker in San Francisco denied the plaintiff’s appeal.”

A personal injury law firm has opened an office in Connecticut with a drive-thru window. (via)

Also in Connecticut, a man who says he was “comforting” some horses after they were scared by loud noises was charged with animal cruelty and sexual contact after admitting he may have put his fingers inside one of the horses. (via)

The county prosecutor in Detroit is advocating a law that would jail parents who skip parent-teacher conferences. (via)

An attorney for the New Jersey Department of Human Services has been censured for stealing from a blind vendor.

Ignorance, when it is voluntary, is criminal.

Samuel Johnson, Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia

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